Who are we?

We’re just a bunch of Mini owners and fans that like to get together and have fun! Yes, we're a Mini Owners Club but we hope to be just that bit more.

Started in late 2005, WCM has grown strongly with active membership topping 50 and typically 30+ people attending our regular monthly meets.

What area do we cover?

Our members are spread right across the South West, from Taunton to Swindon and some even further afield. Altogether this makes us one of the biggest and busiest Mini owners clubs in the region.

We pride ourselves on our inclusiveness, we don't care if you drive a classic Mini or a newer BMW Mini, in fact quite a few of our members own both.
While many of the shows we go to may limit attendance to just the classics, you'll never be turned away from one of our meets no matter what you're driving.

How to Join

Unlike many Mini clubs WCM do not charge a membership fee. To be formally 'in' all you need to do is put your contact details in our membership book which we take to every meet.
If we need to purchase something for everyone to use we'll usually ask for donations, just last year the members funded a new event shelter (which we're all thankful for, rain or shine).

To make the most from being part of WCM, come along to our organised meets and events. While the online and social media side of things helps us keep in touch we like to meet in person.
It is, however, entirely up to you - you're always assured a warm welcome regardless.

What do we do?

Our mission is to get out there and do stuff, not just the usual car shows but sometimes we attend events not normally thought of as a place for classic cars. The unique position of the Mini in our nations psyche allows us to think a little differently.

We get together on the second Weekend of every month and over the summer try to cram in at least one extra run or event each month. If you know of an event that might benefit from our tribe attending, let us know! We always need new ideas to keep things fresh, somewhere with good food is always a safe bet with this lot but we like a drive too, so don't worry about the distance.